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For your activity holiday in our hotel in Oetztal Valley
21.02.2014 16:36

The 67 km long Oetztal Valley offers numerous possibilities for an activity holiday due to its natural landscape. The lush meadows, shady mountain hiking trails, mountain pastures, wild brooks, rock faces, 3,000 meter peaks, glaciers and of course the excellent infrastructure make the Oetztal one of the largest and diverse natural playgrounds in Austria. For young and old!
Activity holidays at the Hotel Edelweiss at the highest point in the Oetztal Valley. For your holiday, hotel obergurgl is a great place to travel

There are a total of 8 villages in the Oetztal and at 1,930 m; Obergurgl is the highest of them all. The altitude is a fountain of health for body and soul. Activity holidaymakers as well as those looking to relax will find what they are looking for with us. If you place a high value on variety, you should be sure to get the Oetztal Card. You can ask to include the Oetztal Card at the same time as you make your booking at the hotel. Our reception team will issue you the card to you directly, visiting:

Why should you get an Oetztal Card?

The Oetztal Card can be valid for either 3,7 or 10 days and is available for purchase with costs between € 45.- and € 85.- for adults. A sample calculation shows that the card could save you over € 80.- for a 7-day stay. But apart from that, it is convenient because you can use the card for all modes of transportation in Oetztal and this way are able to reach your destination quickly and easily.


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